Monday, January 24, 2011

A First On The Bus Route

Over the years, there have been first time experiences, some good, and some not so good. Yet there are some that are funny. I remember times like Max Hawkins swallowing so many goldfish on a Sunday he was a walking aquarium. There was the time a couple of stow-away bunnies tried to make it to church in the morning and we had to return them. I remember on a Candy Hunt Sunday going to Osky and picking up a bunny after the evening church service because the child did not have parental permission to keep one.

I ran across another "first" this Sunday. We went to one of our stops out on a country road. The house is situated on a hill. Mrs. Steve pulled the bus ahead to the top of the hill. Since the bus was pulled ahead a little farther than normal, I went to a different door because it was more easily accessible, especially in the snow. I knocked on the door and a lady came to the door I did not recognize. I thought maybe it was just someone staying with them, relation of some sort.

I asked, "Were the kids coming to church this morning?"

The lady said, "Yes, they are just about ready."

After a minute or so, from the door I normally would go to, came my riders already heading to the bus. Seeing them go to the bus, I proceeded to go there as well. Out of the house from the door I just knocked on came two girls. I questioned the girls as they got on the bus.

"You girls are going to the church in Washington, right?"

They both gave me a definite yes. I said, "Your mom knows you are going on the bus to Washington?"

Again, they said yes.

The riders I pick up at this stop said they have been trying to invite them and they were their visitors. I got names and a phone number after they got on. Come to find out, the house, which looks to be one, is actually a duplex. With all this settled, I was at ease and we were already heading out to pick up the next stop.

We reached the Southern Hills Apartments. I went to my usual stops and got back on the bus to go to the next stop. Mrs. Steve said the two girls came up and told her they didn't think this was the church bus they were supposed to be on. Across the way, the Assembly of God church van was picking up. I pointed to the church van and asked it that was the church they usually went to. They said, "Yes."

I called their mom while flagging down the Assembly church van. I told their mom of the situation. She said, "Well, I thought they were getting picked up a little earlier than normal." I told the Assembly driver that we unintentionally picked up a few of their riders. The driver didn't say much. Having the van show up at that time was a blessing. We were able to easily transfer them to their church and not interrupt our pick-up. We would have needed to drop them off at the Assembly of God building which would have made us late and probably make for a good Sunday morning discussion there.

Just to go on record, I'm glad the Assembly has a bus/van ministry in Osky. All dealings I've had with them have been very good. No, I am not in competition with them every Sunday. I am able to bring people to church that maybe they are unable to. The same holds true with them. I believe they do a lot of things to help kids and adults. More importantly, I know they preach salvation is only through Christ.

I always pray over the weekend many times that God would reach His hand down and draw people onto the bus. I pray that He would bring riders I don't even know their names. I believe this time He went above and beyond!

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