Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Did You Come For?

People come to church for lots of reasons. I recall the story in the Bible about the palsied man that was let down through the roof to be healed by Jesus. Though not a church building, still Jesus was there and an assembly gathered to hear His words.

Think about all the ones gathered there. Of course, the palsied man and the four men that brought him because he couldn't get there himself. There in itself is an example of an early bus ministry, right?

Then you have the scribes that showed up.....the critics trying to find fault in the preacher or teacher, but ultimately finding fault with God.

The Bible says there were so many people in that house that no one could enter in because of the "press." Even the newspaper showed up....just kidding, different kind of press. This press means it was extremely crowded. I believe these people were from all walks of life. Some came to seriously listen to what Jesus had to say. And because they listened, their lives were made better. Others no doubt came to see what Jesus was going to do next. It's pretty hard to hide the fact of the miracles Jesus did. When you hear about close friends being healed by Him, friends raised from the dead, close aquaintances sharing first hand experiences of how He changed their lives, it causes you to get a little curious. So I am sure there were people there just for curiosity sake.

Without going into detail of the story, a man who was crippled and couldn't walk miraculously had his body healed insomuch that he took up his bed and went home as Jesus commanded him. They couldn't reach Jesus from outside so they uncovered the roof and let him down to where Jesus was. I can imagine the dust and debris falling partially on Jesus and I can see him brushing the dust out of His hair. He marvels at the faith of this man who wanted so badly to be touched by Jesus. What a deal! With a little sacrifice on his part, the palsied man not only got healed of his disease, he also had his sins forgiven! Bonus!

So while others were gathering because of curiosity, criticism and socializing, one person came to get a hold of God and to get his life in the right direction.

So I ask you, why do you go to church? Do you seriously seek God when you go to church? Do you want to find out where you are lacking in your life? Do you go to church to minister to others? Do you go to church to build others up in the faith? Do you want healed spiritually?

Sad to say, many make church a social gathering and leave God out of His own house. I have seen teenagers come to church just to hook-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend because they can't see them any other time. Seeing friends is okay, but worshiping each other instead of God on His day and at His house is repulsive. I've seen others come just to make a show of themselves...they think the Lord's day revolves around them. I say to these people, "Sit down, God's got more important things to say than your worthless fleshly mouth!"

Get serious about God and His Word. Focus on God when it comes time for church and you just might be amazed at what He can do for you!