Saturday, April 30, 2011

Does God Listen to Devils?

My wife, Marchel (or Mrs. Steve for you bus riders) pointed out an interesting thing the other night while she was reading her Bible.
She said, "You know, God listens to the prayers of devils."
At first, I thought, "What?!! God doesn't listen to prayers of devils?"

But she was reading about the man who was possessed by many devils, so many that the devil said his name was Legion "for we are many." The Bible says that this devil "besought" Jesus, but the Bible also says he "besought" Him "MUCH" that He (Jesus) would not send them out of the country. Then the Bible goes on to say that "all the devils" besought Him too. Jesus heard the beseeching of these devils and instead of sending them away from the country, Jesus gave them leave to enter some pigs that ran violently down a hill and killed themselves. When the devils asked God for something, somehow he listened and granted that request. However, Jesus got the glory from it.

I remembered then the account of Satan himself standing before God in the book of Job. Satan told God that Job was just serving because God had a hedge of protection around him. Satan said, "But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face." God told Satan that all Job had was in Satan's power to do whatever he wanted, only he could not kill Job. Though Satan did not directly pray to God for Job's substance to be destroyed, in a way, God gave Satan the request. But once again, God received the glory for all that happened with Job. The end of Job's was better than the beginning, thanks to God.

All these devils did was simply ask.

So what am I saying? If devils can ask God boldly for requests and they get answered, what's wrong with us Christians who are afraid to ask Him for things? Why can't we stand before God's presence and talk with Him about things we desire? We belong to God. Wouldn't He do great things for us, I mean...we're not enemies of God. Wouldn't God do great things for His own children?

Try asking God for things. Keep asking Him. The devils above besought Him "much." It was almost like they were nagging Him. We should be this way with God...constantly return to Him and ask again and again and again. He enjoys getting glory when He answers your prayers.

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