Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Behind the Door?

When you're in the work of the Lord, you meet many different types of people. As a bus captain, I have come across some really wonderful people, with great attitudes and who are a delight to talk with. There are a few people, however, that are totally the opposite as you will notice in this encounter I had just last week while visiting.

Several months ago, I was "cold calling" for the bus route. I went to several places with some really good visits. I thought I would go to one more stop before calling it a day. It was a place east of Osky just outside of town that I had seen a few children out playing. I pulled in the drive, went up to the door and knocked. A few of the kids came out and greeted me favorably. The dad came out after the kids announced "a guy was at the door."

The dad came out and I introduced myself, "Hi there, my name is Steven Dunbar from Marion Avenue Baptist Church...." I hardly finished the sentence when the man abruptly and quite rudely I might add, told me, "My kids are not going to that @&#(**& church. Get off my property now, you're done, don't you ever come back here again." He said all this as he was walking towards me saying a few more choice words, making sure I was going to leave.

Wow! Something or someone had irritated this guy! I tried apologizing the best I knew how as I was swiftly walking to my car, not trying to further aggravate the man. In a way, I wanted to burst out laughing just because of the situation, but as the Bible says, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...that time was not that moment. I did not feel led to laugh. I believe a smile crossed my face, though. If the guy only knew my intentions were purely innocent. That encounter was a little bit of a downer, but I knew it was just the devil trying to discourage me because of the good visiting day I had.

Interestingly enough, the building they were living in has since been demolished and the place is leveled.


Last week, I saw some kids out in a yard in Osky. One was riding down their hill in a wagon. I had Bethany, my daughter, with me. We went up to the house and I said to the boy, "Hey, that looks like fun! What do think about me taking a ride?" Just kidding, I would probably hurt myself." The boy laughed.

We got to the door and saw a man that was talking on his cellphone. I thought, "This must be the dad." I really dislike introducing myself to people while they are on the phone. Generally they don't want to take the time to talk when they are on the phone. I was about to tell him I would come back some other time, but he seemed to be putting his phone away. He said, "We're getting ready to go, what do you need?"

I said, "My name is Steven Dunbar, and I'm from Marion Avenue Baptist Church... I hardly finished the sentence when the man abruptly and quite rudely I might add, told me, "Nope, No more, I have no time for Marion Avenue! We go to the Nazarene Church. Get away from here." After he said that, I realized I had met the same man I met several months ago! Pity I did not recognize him while he was on his phone. At least he did not cuss at me again. I said, "I'm sorry, I met you a while back, didn't I? I apologize! I didn't realize you moved here." I knew apologies were not going to help the situation, but I threw them out anyway. He said no more, and neither did I. Bethany and I quickly went to my car and went on our way. Bethany really did not understand anything that went on, she did get a good dose of how rude some people can be.

I chuckled and thought to myself, "Wait 'til Marchel hears this story."

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