Monday, October 3, 2011

Tried By Fire

Fire is used in the Bible a number of times. It represents a lot of things.

Recently, I began cleaning my garage ... again. In the cleaning process, I came across several items I could not fit into a trash bag - like a dresser, a wooden easel I used as a boy and a rocking chair. City wide cleanup was not an option. So, I decided to burn these items in my make-shift three-foot square pit made of discarded aluminum plates from work. Let me tell you, it is quite the chore taking these items apart piece by piece and making them small enough to fit into my burn pit. Lots of karate chops ... sawing takes too much time, plus it is a stress reliever taking out frustration on inanimate objects.

Whenever I see a fire burning, one of the things that always comes to my mind is the reality of that awful place called hell. But then, I remember also that Jesus paid the price to save us from going to that place if we simply put our trust in Him.

Along with judgment, the Bible also tells of fire as a tool of purification as in the book of Psalms describing the words of the Lord are tried like silver in a furnace of earth. Fire is used as a tool for judgment for the lost as I stated before. Fire is also used to judge the works of the children of God.

In both judgments that God implements in the Bible (Great White Throne Judgment and the Judgment Seat of Christ) He uses fire in the judgment process.

The LOST will stand before God in that soul-condemning Great White Throne Judgment of the lost where they are cast into the lake of fire. They never accepted Christ but each in their own way rejected Him.

The SAVED will stand before Jesus in the Judgment Seat of Christ and give an account of their works that were accomplished on the earth for Him. These saved will not stand before God's Great White Throne Judgment!

At the Judgment Seat of Christ, Jesus will try the works whether they are good or bad. These works that were done did not get these people to heaven. Only by their faith in Jesus did they get to heaven. These works are things they did after they were saved. Jesus will use fire to try the works. The Bible mentions wood, hay and stubble to describe the works that are bad. It uses gold, silver and precious stones to describe the works that are good.

When I burned these items I mentioned above, the dresser, easel, chair, etc., I burned it all. I did not take off the handles of the dresser, the chain and hinge for the easel, the nails, screws or bolts. I burned it all! Of course, you know, the fire did not burn these things. These metal items were left. In the Judgment Seat of Christ, what is not burned in the fire will be a reward. If there are no good works, the Bible says that person will suffer loss ... no reward. He will not suffer the loss of his soul, because the Bible says yet he himself shall be saved. This person will receive no reward, but a loss of a reward.

It would be an embarrassing and awkward thing to stand before this judgment and receive nothing from the hand of Jesus. It would be very sad to realize with all the time He gave you on this earth to do something worthwhile, you squandered it and did not take it seriously. In the Bible, Paul said to the Christians at the Church of Corinth that we must ALL (Paul himself included in the statement) stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. If you are saved, there is no getting out of it, no excuse, you will stand there.

Get motivated to do something for the Lord. If you are a CHILD of God don't just feed off of God's blessings (THE FATHER - YOUR DADDY), honor Him by getting busy and doing something for Him and you may receive a great reward!